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Career Resolutions

I, like most people, are ready to turn the page on 2020. This year has taught me a lot about myself and allowed for some tremendous self-reflection. One of my favorite things to look forward to is deciding upon some New Year’s Resolutions (which I hope to keep alive past February 1st!). Resolutions in your personal and professional life can be very beneficial…especially with the way 2020 played out for many of us. Looking forward to January 1st can be exciting because it is truly a NEW YEAR. However, many of us, including myself, can make these goals very generic and hard to measure. As you look to the future may I suggest a few “Career Resolutions” to consider as we head to January.

Update your resume – you should always update your resume every year or at least keep a running document outlining your accomplishments/achievements as the longer you wait the easier it is to forget this information

Learn at least one new skill which can benefit your professional life – the quarantine period provided a golden opportunity to better yourself and identify a skill you’ve always wanted to learn/enhance (i.e. public speaking, analytics, sales skills, digital skills, how to network)

Aim to make 3 new professional networking connections per month - always look for opportunities to make a new connection as you never know when you might be able to help them and in return help you

Find a Career Mentor or identify someone to become your Career Mentee -


Review and improve your LinkedIn profile – How does your personal and professional brand come through on your LinkedIn profile? Take a look at some other people’s profiles and see if they’re doing anything which stands out.

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