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Ascension Sports Partners is pleased to offer Proactive Candidate Services, a new model for candidates who want to be noticed -  even if it needs to be anonymous.

The hiring organization traditionally comes first in a retained search engagement.   

It’s 2020, we believe there should be another option.  Ascension Sports Partners is pleased to offer Proactive Candidate Services (PCS). This new model will allow for those candidates who want to be noticed even if it needs to be anonymous.  

Through this approach we will help build a profile which best represents what you bring to a potential hiring organization.  PCS will then share with targeted companies these profiles and see if there is potential interest in having a conversation.  No names will be shared to the hiring organization unless YOU as the candidate are comfortable.  We will then connect the two parties to have an informal or formal discussion and see where it goes.  While PCS does not guarantee a job offer for the candidate we do believe it offers a silent candidate pool a chance to be seen and heard.  

For the hiring organization we believe this gives you a chance to proactively look at a deeper and broader pool of candidates in our industry who could be a fit for your team.

Business People Talking

Brette Sadler

former Placed Candidate

"When I initially reached out to Dan, back in 2011, to see what opportunities were available, he immediately sent me the Senior Director, Partnership Activation posting for UFC. I thought it was a version of my resume! Dan's guidance during the interview process was greatly appreciated and his candid discussions about my personal growth sets him apart from others. I am thrilled to be a part of such an explosive and growing property – just where I wanted to be!"

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