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Outplacement Services

We're pleased to offer professional “reintegration” services - PASSAGE  provides expert guidance and one on one coaching to help employees assess their current skillset and help with their next professional move.

Today’s world has forced many companies into making difficult decisions regarding their employees.  Feelings can be hurt.  Relationships can be strained.  How your company handles this conversation can swing your brand reputation either positively or negatively as they re-enter the workforce. Ascension Sports Partners can help alleviate what could be a small ripple from turning into a giant wave.

We're pleased to offer our professional “reintegration” service:


PASSAGE is taking the traditional outplacement service offering to the sports and entertainment industry.  With this offering we will help provide expert guidance through our one on one coaching to help the employee assess their current skillset and help with their next professional move.   
Typically, this is a service reserved for C level executives.  However, we will work with all professional levels and skillsets to help guide them during this difficult transition.    

Blurred Busines People

  Former Vp - marketing & Communications


"Just wanted to say thank you for all of the help and guidance you have provided over the past couple of months through your Outplacement Services. I always laugh to myself that I knew how to fill a building with 17,159 fans, but I didn't know how to write a resume or how to use LinkedIn until I met you."

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