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The Importance of Needing and Becoming a Mentor.

Our industry and others have been hit hard the last six months. For many of us there have been feelings of frustration, pessimism, disappointment, and stress as it relates to your career. Some of us have taken this opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues and discuss how they are doing, holding up, and ideally keeping you mind if they hear of any openings. Others have taken the initiative to reach out to new connections and form new networking relationships and get their name out there. One of the best things I’ve discussed with people is the importance of identifying a Mentor and looking into becoming a Mentor to someone else.

I’ve seen several of my connections talk about the importance identifying a mentor in their professional life and impact it’s played. This person could be a former or current boss, a former or client, or just a trusted connection. This person’s support, wisdom, and teachings can get us through some of our toughest job searching days. The mentors in my life have provided the encouragement which was needed at just the right time to realize I’m not alone and sometimes been the necessary kick in the rear I needed.

However, I’ve also had a chance over the years to become a mentor to others. This is not a role I’ve taken lightly. Giving of your time to assist others is one of the biggest fulfillments a person can have. You do not have to go through a professional certification to become someone a mentee can look to with questions or advice on a particular job or how their resume is laid out. All you need to do is be there when needed and lend an ear. Sometimes that’s all people are looking for.

PS Mr. Miyagi = Tremendous Mentor

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