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Formed in 2022, Simon Sports is a sports investment firm and management group that serves as an umbrella for Sam Simon and his son Peter's sports ventures. Simon Sports has two divisions, Operations and Investments. The Operations division is focused on sports teams and provides day-to-day support for the company’s management of franchises and teams owned by the company. The investment division identifies and contributes to cutting-edge technologies and emerging developments across the sports industry, including new sports technology, equipment, mobile applications, media, and sports drinks. Included in the portfolio are the following: Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL), West Coast Hockey Sports & Entertainment, Fireside, Golf Mind & Body, and the recently announced, Ipswich Town F.C. A


As the VP of Analysis, Sports Operations, your objective is to work as the ‘right-hand’ to the President on all sports operation matters across Simon Sports teams portfolio. You are primarily responsible for working with the management of the teams and creating/executing long term plans on roster construction, trades, player development, and all other functions by having numerous data/analytics insights that impact key decisions. You will work to advise and support the President and help execute the vision set by the President and management of the team.


·   Work alongside the President in developing, implementing, and executing of strategy across sports operations by having an analytical/data based approach + statistical information gathering.

·   Identify, evaluate, and advise the President on key metrics and stats to track across the Simon Sports team portfolio.

·   Collaborate with management of teams to create long term plans for the roster/team for future years.

·   Advise the President as to trades and player evaluation by providing stats, data, and other important analytics.

·   Oversee all analytics related to teams and the players of each team under the Simon Sports umbrella.

·   Oversee all analytics on opposing teams players and targets for trade deadlines, and team needs.

·   Support Development of analytics functions to enable efficient, timely, and actionable data driven decisions that enhance current and future performance across sports operations.

·   Build, maintain, and optimize statistical models to evaluate specific aspects of player value and potential player acquisitions.

·   Work with stakeholders throughout Sports operations to formulate hypotheses, analyze data, and effectively deliver insights to optimize player evaluation, player acquisition, player development, roster construction, in game strategy, and more.

·   Work with teams to build informative KPI data visualizations, reports, and other end use tools for use in automated reports or internal web applications.

·   Communicate findings through written reports, presentations, and conversations.

·   Develop new metrics and assess potential impacts, feasibility and importance.

·   Using tools of data science to derive insights into all levels of sports operation to support successes and influence decision making.

·   Engineering in-house analytics platform that is unique and gives clear insight into teams performance and status.

·   Manage various projects, take responsibility for all aspects of project development, management and execution.

·   Source and implement best practices with the management of teams and ensure they are being properly utilized.



·   Knowledge and expertise in sports roster construction, roster management, creating plans and “roadmap” of team vision + strategy.

·   At least three to five years of work experience in statistics, computer science, machine learning, mathematics, or a related field in sports.

·   Degree in Computer science, statistics, mathematics, economics, finance, sports analytics, or a related field.

·   Experience analyzing data sets

·   Strong understanding of machine learning libraries and frameworks

·   Ability to manage priorities and coordinate tasks to solve day to day challenges in a dynamic environment.

·   Ability to leverage technical mindset with a creative and analytical approach to problem solving.

·   Excellent written and verbal communication, interpersonal, and organizational + project management skills.

·   At least three years of senior management/operations experience in the sports/business sector.

·   A true passion for sports and has knowledge to operate with a clear understanding of taking a vision and then working with management of teams on execution.

·   Hands on leader with strong operational management skills and business acumen. Has had direct involvement with the formulation of strategic plans and setting organizational goals.

·   Process driven, analytical, and confident in developing efficient and effective plans to increase the success of a team.

·   Strong analytical skills

·   Highly organized and detail-oriented with a track record of excellent project management experience and the ability to function in a hands-on role.

·   Strong presentation and communication skills.

·   Ability to develop and maintain lasting relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

·   Understanding of and experience with the challenges of teams undergoing transition and growth. Thinks in future terms, anticipates and considers external dynamics, and will be effective in supporting the achievement of the teams strategic and operational objectives.

·   Successful track record of performing effectively in a team setting and is driven by team success as opposed to personal success. Works in a collaborative, supportive way and brings people together.

·   Independent critical thinking and creative problem solving skills.

·   Dynamic and engaging

·   Determined, Dedicated, and Passionate about their work.

·   Culture Fit: Humble, Kind, Personable, Friendly, Honest, Approachable, High Energy.

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