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“Modern Workforce Magic: Tactics for Attracting, Compensating & Energizing Your Team” Super Panel:

Our Super Panel, led by Dan Rossetti, President of Ascension Sports Partners, brought together a dynamic panel that included Courtni Mosley, Chief People Officer for the Nashville Predators, Kristie Pappal, VP, Human Resources with the Philadelphia Eagles, Charlie Slonaker, Chief Revenue Officer with the Philadelphia Union, and Brad Nagel, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition for the Chicago Cubs. This discussion focused on Human Resources practices within the sports industry, emphasizing the importance of fostering a positive environment within their respective organizations.

Throughout the conversations, the panelists shed light on their hiring processes, emphasizing the significance of consistency and inclusivity in ensuring fair opportunities for all candidates. Courtni Mosley touched on the hiring process and said, “A big focus of ours is our culture, so we try to be as transparent with applicants as possible to ensure we find individuals that would love working for our organization”. They also highlighted the importance of employee retention in maintaining the smooth functioning of their organizations.

In offering advice to students and individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the sports industry, the panelists emphasized the importance of tailoring one’s experiences and resumes to the specific job being applied for. Dan Rossetti provided a key piece of advice: “One of the biggest things right now is building your network and learning as much as possible about which aspects of our industry you like and don’t. Learn aspects of each function within our business, and it will help point you in a clearer direction.” This advice, combined with insights into the practices of human resources specialists, offered attendees a deeper understanding of the sports industry as a whole.

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