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Flip Your Career Funnel

Have you ever stopped to think about all of the parameters we encounter in our daily lives? We sometimes have physical parameters and/or moral parameters. We need parameters in our life.

The same should be true when it comes to your career search. There is a belief held by some that you should apply for everything and go wherever a job may be. However, we live our lives with inherent parameters, and it is my belief we should apply these parameters to your search as well.

Imagine a funnel. As opposed to starting with the widest part of the funnel I believe you should #flipyourcareerfunnel. Some will begin at the widest part of the funnel. Why shouldn’t they? More jobs and companies to target. This has to increase your odds of finding a great job…right?

Unfortunately, in my opinion, it does not. I have seen too many candidates over the years apply a shotgun approach to their search. Hoping that something hits. We all have built up parameters in our life which make up the ideal job or situation. Start here with your efforts. Once you have exhausted these options you can re-evaluate your search and expand to a wider part of the funnel.

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