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Don't Give Up

The process of searching for a job can seem like an uphill battle. There is a feeling of hopelessness because we are not in control. From frustrating application systems and their automated keyword filters to organizations going silent once you have interviewed for an opening. Ultimately you feel like you are running in quicksand.

However, myself and others are here to tell you to not give up. The ones who make it are the ones who find a way to pick themselves up and dust off their shoes and get right back at it the next morning. Often you hear stories about athletes who “made it” because they worked harder then everyone else. They are the ones who want the ball in the final few seconds. The ones who want to control their fate. They are willing to commit to the little things which others simply will not.

This is the mentality you need to have to stand out of the crowd in a job search. What are you doing in your life to make sure you are knocking on that door instead of waiting for someone to visit?

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