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Charisma and Your Candidacy

Last week, WWE executive, Paul Levesque, discussed at the Learfield IMG College/Sports Business Journal / Daily conference what he looks for in top tier talent , “For us, charisma is king,” said Levesque. “I'm looking for that person, male or female, that walks into a room and you're drawn to them. That just has that charisma factor.” That same strategy applies to the executive level, and can even trump experience in certain cases. Levesque: “You're looking for the people that have the skillset ... but it's funny for me, I'll take heart and hunger. ... They'll work a lot harder and they might make mistakes, but in those mistakes you'll find excellence. And they'll go above and beyond to prove themselves.

What Ascension Sports Partners has to say: You may not be able to control all of the process tied around being hired but YOU control how YOU come off in person. It sometimes is the candidate who can identify where they are strong and admit where they need to grow and understand how to get there that wins the race.

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