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Are you an Aspirin?

“How am I the aspirin to a company’s pain”?

I read this quote in an article the other day from Inc. Magazine about ways to shorten your job search. The author goes on to discuss the importance of understanding your value proposition when applying for a job.

The article made me reflect on my time as a recruiter. A number of the candidates I’ve had conversations with over the past 20 years tend to fail at conveying their true “worth” when discussing an opportunity. Too many times a candidate will take a broad stroke in their descriptions of themselves (either in person or on their resume) as opposed to using facts and examples to back up their claims.

Remember, when you start your job search preparation begin with listing out your top skills, where you have used them, and how have you shined using these skills. Then begin to identify companies and roles who will value those skills.

Just taking this simple step will help in building your workplace brand and will cut through the clutter of other candidates in a job search.

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