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10 Small Skills That Can Add Up to Huge Success

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Great article I came across yesterday on "10 Small Skills That Can Add Up to Huge Success" on INC.

1) Curiosity across disciplines, most of which are outside your profession.

2) A well-calibrated sense of your future regret.

3) Respecting luck as much as you respect risk.

4) Low susceptibility to FOMO.

5) A sensitive bullsh*t detector.

6) Valuing your independence over someone else's priorities.

7) Respecting history more than forecasts.

8) Thinking in probabilities vs. certainties, including the idea that a good decision can result in a bad outcome and vice versa.

9) Quitting while you're ahead before you've exhausted or outgrown what made you successful.

10) Getting along with people you disagree with.

The small skill that stuck out to me, as someone in the retained search business, is the 8th one. When we go through the hiring process there is a certain level of searching for the "perfect" candidate. There are many times when we are left doing our best with the information we have ascertained throughout the process and make a decision on we believe the best candidate. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not BUT DO NOT LET IT WEIGH YOU DOWN. I love this quote from research author, "Successfully thinking in shades of probability means roughly identifying what matters, coming up with a sense of the odds, doing a check on our assumptions, and then making a decision...We can never know the future with exact precision."

Which one of these resonates with you?

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