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Regret: Don't let it take over your life

We all remember times in our lives when this word comes to the top of our mind. In your professional career, do you wish you would have done whatever it took to get a shot at your dream role? Do you wish you could handle a certain networking scenario different. I know I do.

I came across this article from a few years ago and thought about a couple which can be applied to your #career.

“Waiting to be picked” – Too often we sit back and “hope” others recognize us. We “hope” others in our industry know our work ethic and successes. We “hope” that our resume will be enough to be chosen from the masses. You control the narrative. You control the outcome. You are the one who can go the extra mile and continue to do the little things to make sure you get a fair look. Don’t wait to be picked.

“Giving up too soon” – I speak regularly to college and university students about breaking into the sports industry. I often tell them, “it’s not always the top student in the class who gets hired but the student who does not give up”. We all will experience failure in our lives. The ones who get ahead figure out how to pick themselves up and get back at it the next day.

Life is short. Take back control of your future and lose regret. #sportsbiz#ascensionsportspartners

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