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ICYMI: Interviewing 101 - Flip the Script Recap

Wow! What a great discussion we had on LinkedIn the last few days about questions to ask when you reach the end of an interview. I loved the interaction and everyone brought some great additions to the conversation.

From the response, this conversation reiterates the following:

#1) Asking questions at the end of your interview is IMPERATIVE to make an impression that stands out.

#2) A friendly reminder to always remember you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

Please see below some of the additions from our LinkedIn community:

- What can you tell me about the role that isn't apparent in the job description? – Stefanie Gordon

- Thinking back to people you’ve seen do this work previously, what differentiated the ones who were good from the ones who were really great at it? – Stefanie Gordon

- What are your biggest concerns with me? – Jason Cohen

- It's a year from now, and you are very happy you hired me, what did I do to make you feel that way? – Tom Hoof

- “I always want to know what they expect of this person in the first 30 days - what immediately needs to happen in this role to fill the company’s needs and then I follow up with what they envision more long term.” – Mary Jo Andretti Dial

- What gets you out of bed to come into this place everyday? – Bryan Kryder

- What does success look like for this role?” – Tim George

- What is it that makes you stay here? – Suzanne Wolko

- What does success in this role look like in 3 months, a year, and 5 years? – Andrew Bleaken

- What advice would you give the person in this role? – Lisa Cotter

- If hired, what challenge(s) will I have to solve within 30 days? 60 days? 90 days? – Andre Boyd

- "How does your company approach and handle X (for e.g. equality or ethical dilemmas)? What is your firm's position around Y" - even better if you can refer to specific examples and ask what principles motivated the company's behavior in each. – Simon Pouliot

- What challenges do you see ahead for the company in the next 12 months? – Deborah Lawunmi

- What is this role’s exposure level within the organization? – Stetson Kinnison

- What is your favorite thing about working for this company? – David Sohl

- “I like to ask how long they've worked for the company and what keeps them there.” – Brittany Gilligan

- “If you are interviewing for any type of marketing position (especially a more senior-level one), ask what the annual marketing budget is or ask for it in rough parameters.” – Keith Green

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